Individually Tailored Prophylaxis

Dental prophylactic treatment covers a wide range of treatments that I perform in my dental office in Miami. These activities are aimed at preventing the occurrence of dental and periodontal diseases (ie tissues surrounding the teeth). Thus, prophylaxis relies primarily on the fight against plaque and plaque. They are the main cause of the development of caries and periodontal diseases.

As Part Of The Services Offered, I Can Offer, Among Others:

detailed tips on the principles of oral care,

scaling means the removal of hard dental plaque (tartar) that accumulates on the surfaces of tooth crowns. An ultrasonic device is used for this purpose, and the finishing element is polishing all cleaned surfaces. In this way, plaque is prevented from accumulating again,

sandblasting so the removal of, for example, unsightly discolorations that arise after coffee, wine, tea, cigarettes. Sandblares are used for this purpose, which under pressure purify teeth with a mixture of powder and water,

sealing of tooth furrows this is a method of preventing caries, which consists in filling furrows and depressions in teeth with a special protective material.

Proper hygiene is the foundation

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is therefore the main activity for which I am sensitizing patients. Daily oral hygiene procedures will effectively clean the tooth surface and avoid future caries and periodontal diseases.

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