Pediatric Dentistry

Individual approach to each child – this can be sure for every parent who comes to my office with their child. A meeting with the dentist does not have to involve only fear, pain and tears. The approach to the youngest patients has changed a lot in recent years, thanks to which they have a different attitude towards a doctor like a dentist. You can start your dental adventure with an adaptive visit.

Types Of Treatments

  • In the clinic I run, the youngest patients are subjected to such procedures as:
  • treatment of dental caries,
  • treatment of dental caries,
  • light-curing fillings white and colored milk teeth
  • tooth treatment with unformed tips
  • treatment of tooth injuries,
  • sealing teeth – filling grooves and depressions in the teeth, from which the child can hardly remove food debris,
  • tooth varnishing – covering them with a layer of fluoride preparation, which strengthens the teeth and prevents the passage of bacteria,
  • removal of milk teeth and permanent teeth (extraction),
  • check-ups.

Dental treatments are carried out using nitrous oxide (the so-called laughing gas), which is completely safe for the child.

Prevention is important

In addition to the aforementioned dental services, prophylaxis of dental caries and permanent teeth is also important. By teaching the youngest children proper oral hygiene and shaping eating habits, many health problems can be avoided in the future. It is also worth to “instill” a positive attitude to visits at the child’s dental office, which will definitely pay off in the future.

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